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Please forgive my lack of proper HTML. It's been about 20 years. I think I quit shortly after CSS was a thing.

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Also, what do I even post here?

About me? I was a former MS diehard. I was a Windows fanboy from 3.11-7. I was truly disgruntled ~Win8, then fully disgusted by Win10. I recall using Linux in the early 00's, specifically Mandrake Linux, but have been a *nix convert for about 6 years now. I'm fond of Debian based distros, but am intrigued by RHEL/CentOS & ZFS based distros. I manage a varied network of MS/iOS/ChromeOS devices, not counting the *nix devices I'ver personally brought online. I truly love Debian stable for business, Ubuntu for personal, & FreeNAS for file storage. I wish Apple would embrace their BSD heritage and release additional drivers for their OS. Also, I still believe in double-spacing after a period(.). Come at me!